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Enterprise vision: to become China's great sample bottle manufacturers and suppliers

Enterprise mission: to provide the user with a reassuring products with good quality

Service concept: beyond the consumer expectations, let the customer trust


Integrity—Hamag’s Golden rule: brave, honest and trustworthy

Upright, courageous, straight up, through the right channels and processes, accurate to express their views;

Honest and trustworthy, responsible for their words and deeds, match words with deeds; Say what you do, do what you say;

Respect for others, maintenance, image, and actively resist damage the interests of the team's behavior and speech;

Don't spread unconfirmed news, to damage the interests of the company correctly and effectively to stop dishonest behavior

Love tolerance —Hamag’s team spirit: helping each other, grow together

Love, and, as the home, with colleagues for their loved ones, love and mutual assistance;

Identity, corporate culture, business platform for mahmoud, grow up together;

Transposition thinking, good at listening to different points of view, is good at working with different types of colleagues

Tolerance has nothing to do with right and wrong, not tolerance against, the values of words and deeds

Professional responsible—Hamag’s Service concept:Professional pragmatic, customer first

To find the pleasure of work, continuous learning; Develop good working habits, nissin day until tomorrow.

With advanced service consciousness, to a high level of professional skills, provide service for clients and colleagues.

A master consciousness, active and positive affect team, improve team morale and atmosphere;

Standing in customer's position thinking, to take on responsibilities, even if not your responsibility, don't shuffle;

Innovation excellence—Hamag’s Innovative thinking:Pragmatic innovation, embrace change

Good at establishing new methods and new way of thinking, on the basis of professional pragmatic pursuit of innovation;

Product quality beyond the consumer expectations, let the customer trust;

Dare to innovation, dares to practice, completes the foundation work, do more practical work, do not do oral experts;

Embrace change, to change the difficulty and the setback, do not complain, can adjust