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How to choose the appropriate isolation pad -Haman tell you

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Ningbo Hamag is specialized is engaged in the chromatography consumables of scientific research, design, production, sales and system integration for the integration of production-oriented enterprises, is composed of a number of years engaged in physical and chemical analysis, chromatographic analysis of professional personnel, professional technical support and diligent after-sales service won the trust of users, production and sales of products mainly include all kinds of automatic into the bottle, the top empty bottle and its cover pad of form a complete set; Teflon with silicone compound gasket; Teflon/silica gel products. Company products are exported to Europe and the United States, Asia, Africa and other parts of the world, and established long-term good relations of cooperation, is China's trustworthy sample bottle suppliers and manufacturers.

Let me introduce how to choose the isolation pad


Excellent solvent resistance.

Suitable for single sample, are not recommended for samples stored for a long time,

Not to seal, the high cost performance insulation pad

It can be used under 260 °

【 PTFE/silica gel 】

Good sealing and recommend to sample or samples stored with many times

Can be high temperature sterilization

After puncture before chemical resistance with PTFE, piercing compatibility with silicone

Working temperature range - 40 ° to 200 °

Pre opening PTFE/silica gel

In the injector needle used when using a blunt needle or fine needle

Eliminate the sample after the bottom of the present situation of needle blocking

To prevent the sample bottles of a vacuum

Working temperature range - 40 ° to 200°


Recommended for sample for many times

Can be high pressure sterilization

Recommended for internal standard, trace analysis or longer experimental sample interval

Working temperature range - 40 ° to 200 °

【 PTFE/red silicone 】

High cost perform insulation pad daily analysis

Before sealing medium, easy to puncture, puncture with PTFE chemical resistance, chemical compatibility with rubber after puncture,

Not recommended for long time retention samples or sample for many times

Working temperature range - 40 ° to 200 °

Many customers pay attention to the sample bottle, ignored the pad's choice, in fact this is also very important, choose the appropriate isolation pad to get the objective experimental results.


Mahmoud across the mat features:

1, with high quality ptfe and silicone rubber or pure silicon as raw materials, ensure the gasket is non-toxic;

2, use process without glue, ptfe film with silicone rubber or silicone key and keep the excellent characteristics of two kinds of materials respectively, a composite pad of teflon insulation layer after contact reagent, has good chemical inertness, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, resistance to sticky, even in the high temperature and strong acid, strong alkali or strong oxidizer contact does not happen at the same time of silicone rubber or silicone layer elastic can ensure the sealing performance;

3, no glue process, without the introduction of adhesive, insulation pads can keep the good resilience of silicone rubber or silicone, isolation pad softer than resin technology, provide automatic injector needle with better protection;

4, the strict production management, ensure the product quality. Cleaning products, without washing, can be used directly.

5, for you to leave out the middle layers of the dealer sales accumulate costs, prices are more competitive advantage and its own technical advantages for each batch of products provide a reliable quality assurance, let customers to use more at ease.

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