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How to avoid the common problem caused by isolation pad

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Injection port isolation pad is common used gas chromatography consumables, its main function is to separate system flow and the outside world, and to provide an injection of the channel of the sample. Isolation pad should be tolerated a certain temperature, the degradation and destruction does not occur, and can withstand the injector needle repeatedly thrust without leakage. Generally speaking, high temperature resistance, air tightness, good insulation pad made of silicone rubber. Sample pad insulation in use should be paid attention to the following questions: first, vaporizing chamber temperature should be controlled under the provisions temperature, avoid isolation pad degradation damage, cause pollution or leak. When installation note is moderately elastic, too loose too tight are easy to leak, pad purging is a good choose. Syringe needle sharp and smooth, without burr, bad quality of the needle is easy to cause a isolation pad damage or slag leakage and pollution. Isolation pad according to the sampling frequency and the replacement of the conditions of use on a regular basis, otherwise easy to cause leakage, response value changes, changes in retention time, separating degree difference, the ghost peak, etc., and should pay attention to clean up the liner could fall into isolation pad in the debris.


Chromatographic sample bottles of our company is engaged in the industry for many years, for some professional problems also have their own opinions, this article on how to avoid common problems across the mat mainly include the following:


1 clastic

When the needle diameter relative isolation cushion is too big or isolation cushion material introduce several times when the sample can produce iron. , insulation pad material will fall off into the sample bottle and contaminated samples, how to prevent debris?

(1) choose a PTFE liner isolate mat mat to prevent material into the sample bottle

(2) to ensure that the needle is not damaged, consider using a side hole needle instead of conical needle

(3) using the pre punch cushion to eliminate debris

2 vacuum

Sometimes a sealed sample bottles from the samples will result in a vacuum, how to avoid vacuum?

(1) using the pre punch cushion to help balance the pressure on both sides of the cap

(2) don't fill it too full

(3) a sample not more than 50 ul (from a 2 ml sample bottles)


Mahmoud across the mat features:

1, with high quality ptfe and silicone rubber or ultrapure silicon as raw materials, ensure the gasket is non-toxic;

2, use process without glue, ptfe film with silicone rubber or silicone key and keep the good characteristics of two kinds of materials respectively, a composite pad of teflon insulation layer after contact reagent, has good chemical inertness, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, resistance to sticky, even in the high temperature and strong acid, strong alkali or strong oxidizer contact does not happen at the same time of silicone rubber or silicone layer elastic can ensure the sealing performance;

3, no glue process, without the introduction of adhesive, insulation pads can keep the good resilience of silicone rubber or silicone, isolation pad softer than resin technology, provide automatic injector needle with better protection;

4, the strict production management, ensure the product quality. Cleaning products, without washing, can be used directly.

5, for you to leave out the middle layers of the dealer sales accumulate costs, prices are more competitive advantage and its own technical advantages for each batch of products provide a reliable quality assurance, let customers to use more at ease.


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